Duncan looks forward to 2023

As 2022 heads to a close, I hope you are looking forward to recharging over the festive season before getting stuck in again next year.

There are continuing challenges ahead for all of us in our work, of course, as customer expectations grow at the same time as budgets are being squeezed and material supply lines operating more slowly.

We are always mindful of our role in easing these pressures for our clients and as we look forward to 2023, I am happy that Neon Surveys is in the ideal position to do this.

The key is staying on top of the latest surveying technologies and making the right investments to ensure we can provide the most flexible and efficient service possible. Over the last couple of years, we have made two key purchases on behalf of our clients.

Our two BLK2GO Laser Scanners now come out with us on a daily basis. It’s an amazing piece of kit – capturing a full 360 scan in one go and eliminating the risk of human error that comes with using more traditional surveying tools. Our clients can therefore rest assured that the time we spend on site is as short as possible (using the BLK2GO has cut down our overall time on site by a massive 60%) and the job will be done comprehensively first time around. No return visits required.

Our new DJI Mini 3 Drone has extended our capabilities and provides a significant benefit for our clients. We can now conduct roof inspections while on site completing area referencing surveys. No need for you to engage two separate teams, have two separate site visits and incur two bills to pass on to your customers.

I hope you will let Neon provide you with a highly efficient surveying service in 2023. To discuss your surveying requirements, please reach out to us at: asapsurvey@neonsurveys.com or you are welcome to contact me directly.

Meanwhile, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Duncan Hallam




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