The Secret to Effective Survey Cost Management

Effective cost management is key given the unprecedented level of financial and operational pressures that come with today’s building projects.

Allow me to share a few details of a recent residential survey we conducted which illustrates the secret to managing the costs of your surveys.

The project was an interesting renovation and the Neon team was pleased to play its part in making the ambitious plans a reality.

We were asked to conduct a topographical survey, floor plans and elevations, as well as underground utility mapping.

Our tailored proposal for the job included clear explanations of the equipment and timescale needed. We advised the client that with the building being built in the 1970s, there was every chance that the underground pipes would be made of plastic, rather than metal, and that a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was therefore required to pick these up in the survey.

We discussed the potential pitfalls of doing so, but the client elected to drop the use of the GPR to reduce the quote.

Yep, you’ve guessed it, the gas and water mains were plastic. The build prep started and they hit a plastic water pipe having guessed wrongly where it would be. And so back we went for a second visit with a GRP in hand to map these pipes, costing the client at least twice what they would have paid for us to put it to use the first time around.

The secret of effective survey cost management? When you work with a surveying partner with the necessary experience and knowledge, you can put your trust in them to provide you with a job proposition based on the individual nature of your building. You’ll get the survey you need first time, every time – without the risk of incurring unnecessary costs.

Duncan Hallam


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